The Nanovation Team

Dan Justin, President & CEO

Dan Justin has over twenty-five years of experience in medical implant development and commercialization. Prior to joining Nanovation Partners, Dan was Entrepreneur in Residence at the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Public Research where he helped turn Florida-based research into start-up companies. He served as the CTO at IMDS (acquired by CoorsTek Medical), where he played an instrumental role in driving the formation and expansion of the Co-InnovationTM team, developing and launching over 100 new medical device products worldwide for over 12 years.

Dan co-founded JustWin Medical whose arthroscopic knee technology was acquired by Innovasive Devices, then J&J DePuy Mitek, where he was an Engineering Manager. He also co-founded Orthodyne, whose internal bone lengthening technology was acquired by Orthofix. He is a registered U.S. Patent Agent and inventor on over 130 granted U.S. patents in the areas of additive manufacturing, advanced materials, orthopedics, arthroscopy, spine, neurology, surgical instrumentation, and other medical procedures. He holds a B.S.E. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.
Clyde Pratt
Clyde PrattCo-Founder, Chairman & Investor
Cylde Pratt, J.D. began his career in orthopaedics with Richards Manufacturing Company in the 1973. He assumed full responsibility for the manufacture of all of Richard’s reconstructive products prior to the Company being acquired by Smith and Nephew.
Vineet K. Sarin, Ph.D
Vineet K. Sarin, Ph.DPartner
Vineet K. Sarin, Ph.D., is the President of Kinamed Incorporated, a successful medical device company based in Southern California that designs, manufactures, markets and distributes implantables & instruments for use in orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery.
Sungho Jin, Ph.D
Sungho Jin, Ph.DSenior Scientific Advisor
Sungho Jin, PhD is the original co-inventor of nanotube arrays designed as surface treatments for medical implants. He is a world-renowned researcher in the field of functional materials used in applications ranging from magnetic devices and electronic devices to optical telecommunications networks.

What is being said about Nano technology

About Us

Starting in the mid 2000’s, the founders of Nanovation Partners LLC sponsored research at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) in the lab of Sungho Jin, PhD. This research showed enhanced osseointegration and reduced implant surface infection by forming thousands of rows of tiny metal oxide nanotubes

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